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Past - future and Asia - Europe meets in elegant heart of Gallipoli and gives you the best comfort ever.
Place in Health & Entertainment meets

Lobby Bar
Whether alcohol or non-alcohol
You will sip entertainment & enjoy with colorful cocktails at the Lobby Bar.

Game Room
You will add different thrills to your holiday with the billiard, backgammon, table football, darts in our game hall.

Fitness Center
The product of latest technology of cardiovascular devices, to improve body and muscle machines, weight equipment, treadmills and bikes. Fitness Center is open daily from 07:30 to 22:00 everyday.

You can attend in certain days and hours to the classes for flexible and dynamic body while having a more enjoyable life will continue.

For live longer. Such as reward yourself.
Women - men, private sauna. For your health, body and soul, invigorate your skin beautiful. A little bit of steam bath after a workout in fitness center, sauna and get rid of all the tired and the power you need to restore balance will earn.
Healthy Living and take action to protect your form.

Vitamin Bar
Before and after sports you can take to increase your energy, fresh squeezed fruit juices, cocktails and delicious with a rich menu awaits you.

Health Club
With our products your body can perform all the work for the needs of the modern health club. Always fit in the gym to start your day and take advantage of the dynamic of the day, to abdicate the stress on you can visit the sauna and massage for the Health Club.